4 Reasons That Make Serviced Apartments An Attractive Choice

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, we started to view the purpose of our apartments differently.

Gone were the days when we’d leave for work, only to come home to rest – and then repeat. Now, it seems like we’ve “transferred” our outside activities to the inside!

In fact, some of us have even tapped on our green thumb by bringing in pieces of nature in the form of potted plants and blooming flowers.

As we stay safe, with a long list of activities we cannot do, we’ve adapted and came up with our own set of rules – a list of things we can do instead!

And here’s how serviced apartments in Singapore come into the picture – presenting a more viable, comfortable way of living. During the current situation, here’s why serviced apartments make an attractive choice!

1. A healthy balance between work and leisure

Despite the start of Phase 2, most non-essential industries are still working remotely. If you’re one of them, then serviced apartments have ample of facilities available!

So, on top of providing you with a roof over your head, serviced apartments literally accommodate most of your needs! Especially since the amenities available are free for you to use.

At the same time, these shared spaces can be used for business purposes! Like when you need a quiet area for a video conference meeting or to get work done, you have the option of staying in your room or heading to a nearby café.

And since you’re not the only one, you might even bump into other occupants! If so, you’re always welcome to hit them up for a friendly chat over tea.

2. Accommodate to your length of stay

While hotels are great for a few nights of accommodation, serviced apartments are more suited for those who wish to stay for an extended period of time.

Thanks to the availability of long term serviced apartments in Singapore, the latter is so possible! Even better since you know for sure that you won’t end up with a hefty sum to pay for, since the cost is usually established at the start of your stay.

For foreigners, this grants you the chance to adjust to our unique Singaporean culture!

And anytime you aspire to be inspired, serviced apartments ease the process of meeting like-minded individuals for you to socialise and create meaningful bonds with!

3. It’s just like home

As the saying goes, home is where the heart is. But when you’re in the early stages of settling in, dealing with homesickness can pose a challenge. But perhaps, finding some sense of familiarity around your environment can help!

One way is by connecting with those in a similar situation as you, which can create an overall vibrant and enriching experience! And since we all have differences, we end up reaping more than what we sow as we listen mindfully to the diversity of peoples’ cultures through their stories.

Ultimately, the facilities that are within-reach can encourage you to perform your usual routine, like cooking your own meals. As you start adapting, hopefully, you’d attain the home-like environment that you crave!

4. You save money

Terms and conditions are usually explained at the beginning of your stay, so you don’t have to worry about sudden, surprise charges halfway through!

Besides, serviced apartments are like an all-in-one package on its own. Aside from the communal areas, most places are situated conveniently with shopping malls, transportation and dining areas – the majority of them in mere walking distances!

It’s a cheaper option for your pockets as well since you can save on dining costs by cooking your meals straight from the apartment’s kitchen. The presence of a washing machine equally saves you money on laundry services!

Service apartments definitely bring about many benefits – not to mention, it’s a more affordable option. That’s why, we believe in connecting and uniting unique individuals to spark creativity, productivity and more. However, it’s always best to ensure that safe distancing measures are practised at all times as we strive to remain healthy and virus-free!

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