Green Home: How To Incorporate Plants Into Your Interiors

The art of incorporating fresh, potted greens around the house has increasingly become more popular. Plants add a fresh spin to the pieces of furniture and framed photos you usually see. In addition, plants literally add more life into one’s home by doing the opposite of what we do when we breathe – plants take in carbon dioxide while releasing oxygen into the air. This way, plants not only freshen up your home but also reduce the presence of unpleasant toxins, which is essential in this COVID-19 period.

In terms of interior design, plants are an excellent way to fill in empty spaces around your home while adding colours. On top of elevating your luxury interior design, plants can also do wonders in uplifting your mood and boosting positivity.

If you’re keen to add a tinge of green around your home interior, here are two steps to take before going out to forage for some greens.

1. Analyse your layout

When one fails to plan, they plan to fail. While we’re on that note, you wouldn’t want to buy a large and tall indoor plant only to realise that there’s not enough room for it. Hence, analyse your space and layout to take note of what areas can be livened up with plants.

Plants add colour and life to your home. Rather than buying plants as an afterthought, think of how you can add it to complement your home. For example, adding a small pot of succulents on your study desk, or softening a room with many angular lines present.

2. Do your research

Unless you’re choosing artificial ones, plants are living ‘decorative’ things. And there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to how you care for plants. While some of them can do with sunlight, others prefer to stay in the shade. Some need to be watered every day, whereas others only need to be watered once every few days. If you plan to brighten up your condo interior design by including some plants on your balcony, pick plants that require sunlight to flourish.

Incorporating plants into your home

Come up with an open plan when thinking about the type of plants you want to purchase so that your space will have more flexibility and flow. In the meantime, plants don’t necessarily need to remain on the floor. Instead, there are many ways to incorporate plants into your home. Here are four ideas to get you feeling inspired.

  • Make use of existing furniture

Do you own any pieces of furniture that are lying around and collecting dust? Instead, you can utilise items like an old bookshelf or an empty shelf to display your plant collection.

  • Add greenery in the bathroom

Bathrooms are often humid and warm, but certain plants like orchids, tend to thrive in environments like this. Eucalyptus make great additions too. Not only do add to the aesthetics, but the warm steam after a shower prompts it to release its natural, earthy scent. Instead of occasionally spraying some air freshener, eucalyptus can perform a job well done.

  • Plants can be placed anywhere

Plants can grow almost anywhere, so rather than the mundane pots, you can get creative by referring to different ways to display your greenery. A wall planter is a unique way to make a dull wall stand out. Plants can also be hung from high places, or even find its way as your dining table’s centrepiece. Air plants make a great choice for hanging around your house since it doesn’t need soil to grow on.

  • Don’t be afraid to make a statement

Large, tall indoor plants know how to stand out in a minimalistic interior. Despite its size, it doesn’t overcrowd the room. However, what matters most is the type of pot you use to house your plants.


You can seldom go wrong with how you choose to add plants into your hope. But if you’d like to go deeper, such as how to soften the sharp lines in your house or design solutions, do give our friendly designers a call. Be it for a residential or bedroom renovation; you can have the utmost confidence that your dream home is attainable with the combination of our expertise and your insightful opinions.

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