8 Reasons Why You’ll Love The Vinyl Flooring For Your Home

It is easy to forget that flooring is one of the most important refurbishing decisions that a homeowner has to make. Many homeowners want to give their home a floor that is durable, easy to maintain and affordable. Fortunately, there is a type of flooring on the market that fits the bill to a tee – vinyl flooring. Easy to clean and resistant to all sorts of damage, vinyl flooring provides excellent value for maximum returns.

If you’re looking to make some furnishing choices for your new house or looking to give your home a makeover, here are some reasons why vinyl flooring may be the choice for you.

1. Durable

Due to the presence of commercial-grade wear layers, vinyl is exceptionally hardy, and can take heavy foot traffic. It is also extremely long-lasting, going decades without replacement.

2. Waterproof & moisture resistant

If you are looking to re-floor a room that is exposed to a lot of water spillage, like the kitchen or bathroom, strongly consider getting vinyl flooring. It is also suited for places with high levels of humidity and rain, which could easily corrode or rot organic forms of flooring like wood. As such, vinyl is the optimal choice even if you do not expect a lot of water contact.

3. Easy to maintain

Owing to its waterproof nature, spills can be wiped up without any hassle. Cleaning it is also simple, requiring no special maintenance. Sweeping, vacuuming or mopping are all completely valid ways to keep your vinyl flooring free of dirt.

4. Comfortable

Vinyl flooring is comfortable underfoot, is static-free, and has noise reduction properties. This makes it perfect for households with kids and pets, where there are a lot of heavy footsteps or running around.

5. Various styles

Coming in a wide array of styles and colours from modern cream or grey to lifelike wooden grains, vinyl flooring is able to complement any aesthetic theme that your home may have. For instance, if you’re interested in installing custom made curtains – vinyl flooring will fit perfectly with any particular style or design you have in mind for the curtains!

6. Easy installation

As vinyl flooring typically comes with a click-lock system, installation can be done quickly with a single day’s work, without much fuss. Here, our experienced installers can get a standard living room re-floored in 5-6 hours.

7. Safe

Organic flooring like authentic wood can cause a host of safety risks, such as harbouring termites or harmful microbes. Other types of flooring may also contain toxins and chemicals which cause a synthetic odour. Vinyl flooring is low in volatile organic compounds and is anti-microbial, making it a safer option for families with pregnant women and children.

8.  Affordable

Given that vinyl flooring can provide the same stylish wood grain or ceramic look at a fraction of the cost, with several additional perks to boot, it is clearly an extremely cost-effective option.

With its broad suitability for all households and families, the popularity of vinyl flooring is not surprising. Its flexibility in pattern and colour also makes it a great design choice for any home, so long as you match it to your furniture and chosen wallpaper in Singapore! There are several retailers for vinyl tiles and planks, so you will want to think carefully and pick a reliable company to help you with your flooring needs. Check out our luxury vinyl flooring options if you are looking for experienced professionals and high-quality products.

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