The Best Diamond Jewelry To Impress Your Loved Ones With

Everyone loves diamonds because of its classy looks. Classic Diamonds Singapore is a sterling jewelry conglomerate with one aim- to provide world-class handcrafted jewelry pieces in the most gracious environment. The jewelry you wear is not just a piece of ornament, it is a story in itself, it is an expression of love and commitment. It is often a reminder of the best moments in your life be it your engagement, wedding, first anniversary, or first child. With Classic Diamonds Singapore, each of these memories can be set in the most precious stone “a diamond”, with each stone a reminder of a beautiful time in your life.

Classic Diamonds is a sign of class and beauty. Each diamond is cut to perfection and set exquisitely in each piece of jewelry making it unique and breathtaking

Quality and standard

Each piece of classic diamonds is crafted according to the international standards of quality. The diamond jewelry pieces are created by a team of professional artisans and are unmatched in their visual aesthetic appeal and timelessness.


To accommodate all the customers, classic diamonds Singapore provides jewelry in a range of qualities and prices.


– At classic diamonds Singapore you can get internally flawless diamonds with the highest

clarity and finest cut.

– The refined and beautiful diamonds can be set in rings, pendants, earrings, and complete


– The jewelry base can be customized to your needs, yellow gold, white gold, platinum,

and lacquered gold.

– Old jewelry can be exchanged to purchase a new and exquisite piece

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