4 Practical Ways To Help Your Community Out During COVID-19

Aside from the rapid rise of COVID-19 cases around the globe, it’s pretty heartening to also witness community-driven initiatives that aim to support Singaporeans during this unprecedented time.

As you do your part to maintain your safe distancing within the four walls of our rented service apartment, you might feel like you’re being sheltered from the issues happening on the streets. But you can still make a difference. In fact, there are a plethora of ways for you to get involved. Curious as to how? Then read on to find out more.

1. Download and make full use of the TraceTogether app

It’s almost impossible to stay in most of the time. Every once in a while, you’d need to go out to take a breather or fulfil your responsibilities. Aside from arming yourself with a mask and the right amount of hand sanitiser, why not download the TraceTogether app as well?

While you walk around, the mobile app uses Bluetooth to identify nearby people who’ve activated the app as well. It may seem like something small, but through contact tracing, it helps you minimise the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus to your loved ones – without you knowing. If someone with the app contracts COVID-19, the app will provide information to identify and notify the relevant individuals.

2. Stick with buying what you really need

There’s no need to stock up on instant noodles. Instead, only buy what you need. That way, you’re also ensuring that there’ll be enough items for everyone else.

Besides that, the pandemic left a significant impact on the economy. Hence, you might want to avoid satiating your “wants”. Avoid making impulse and irrational decisions by thinking your purchases through.

3. Support local businesses by purchasing gift cards

Many companies are doing their best to stay afloat, especially with the drop in footfall since Circuit Breaker. Small businesses, in particular, need our help more than ever. As a result, some local businesses have implemented the sales of gift cards.

If you have the financial means, consider extending your support to them by purchasing their gift cards! This way, you’re providing them with “immediate cash” as they try their best to keep their business operations running smoothly. Some examples of local businesses with gift cards are BooksActually, Founder Bak Kut Teh, Sunday Folks, and more.

4. Feed those in need by buying them a meal

Food can’t exactly solve every issue, but buying someone a meal is one of the concrete responses to the hard-to-answer question of “How can I help?”. During this tough period, feeding someone in need can go a long way. By doing so, you’re not only brightening someone’s day, but you’re also supporting the F&B sector.

In this article, we chose not to touch on our usual topics about furnished apartments for rent. Instead, we thought of sharing some good deeds that you can do! Even as you stay safely within your home, there are many ways for you to get involved and give back to the community. As you navigate your way through this pandemic, know that every effort counts – no matter how big or small.

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