5 Fun Activities For A Team Bonding Session On A Yacht

Are you having your company’s team building on a yacht? Then here are a few fun team building activities you can incorporate to spice up the trip!

Team building can be great fun or incredibly dull. No matter where you take the team for some bonding time, nothing quite matches up with the experience of going for private yacht rental.

However, if your team is not used to spending time together outside the office, the yacht trip can get slightly boring. To help prevent colleagues from feeling irritated and uninterested, here are some of the best team building activities you can consider if you’re planning to host on a yacht!

Mental treasure hunt

There are not a lot of spots on a yacht that can be used as great hiding places for a scavenger hunt. Therefore, you can implement a series of brain teasers or mental puzzles for teams of 3-4 which they would have to solve collectively at different stations.

The team that solves the most puzzles after a specific time limit wins!

Personality differences

The entire team should be given a personality test or quiz before the trip. We recommend doing some research on accredited and experienced companies who do personality tests. The whole idea is for the team to get to know each other’s personalities after all!

On the yacht, the facilitator can explain the various personality types, and the teams could guess who falls into which categories.

Discussing what motivates or demotivates certain personality types enhances teamwork and understanding amongst the colleagues, which makes it an apt team-building activity.

Solve a problem

In this activity, the team is encouraged to prepare a problematic scenario at the start of the yacht cruise. The problems should be relevant to the company and its daily procedures.

The employees should then be divided into teams of 3-4 and throw all the problems in a hat. Each team draws a problem randomly and gets half an hour to come up with a solution. Once the time is up, each team should present its solution. You can even add new rules to encourage communication among colleagues. For instance, getting the team to roleplay and act out the problem and then the solution they have come up with.

Build it

For this activity, the facilitators can hand out the same kind of supplies that might include toothpicks, rubber bands, sellotape, ice cream sticks, etc. They have to build a device that can hold an egg at least 30 cm in the air without it falling and breaking.

The twist: no one can test their device with an egg beforehand. When the teams are ready, one egg will be brought around the room and placed on the devices.

Prepare to watch the tension, expectation, and adrenaline rise in the room!

Show and tell

Each team member has to prepare for a short 1-2 minute show and tell before the trip. They can bring a small item, video of something at home or even share a hobby or interest from their personal life.

This is an excellent icebreaker, especially at the start of the team building event, as it relaxes the atmosphere and allows everyone to share something personal about themselves.

Team building can be extremely successful on a private yacht cruising on beautiful waters. It can be made even more enjoyable by incorporating some of these light-hearted activities.

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