An Informative Guide On Maintaining Your Carpets Over Time

One of the most straightforward approach to spice up your living space – whether it’d be at home or even in the office – is to introduce a beautiful decorative carpet. It immediately adds colour and texture, giving the interior visuals an entire upgrade.

As magnificent as they are, carpets are rather tricky when it comes to maintenance. Since the material they are made of is mostly non-porous in nature, they tend to trap heat and moisture, giving rise to a perfect environment for mould growth. If you put that in the Singapore context, it’s twice as challenging since Singapore’s climate is both hot and humid. To ensure that you avoid any unnecessary complications, we’ve gathered 5 tips you can adopt when maintaining your carpeted floors.

1. Clean Stains As Fast As You Can

As mentioned, carpets are made up of materials that absorb and carry moisture very easily. This doesn’t just apply for moisture in the air, but also for stains and the like. Getting rid of the stain is imperative as not only will the bacteria and germs fester, it’ll be harder to get them out the longer you wait. You can opt for any stain remover spray, stain pens or homemade solutions.

For best results, blot the stain first before you dab it with a cloth that has been applied with the cleaning fluid of your choice. Always take note not to put the cleaning agent directly onto your carpet, lest the chemical damages its fibres. Always test your cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area before applying it on the stain.

2. Vacuum Your Carpet Once A Week

Your carpet is home to not just bacteria and germs, but dirt, dead skin cells and the like. It is thus crucial that you include vacuuming your carpet in your list of general cleaning activities to do for the week. By vacuuming your carpet, you’d be getting rid of the unwanted dirt and grime that are clinging onto its fibres. Doing so is not only hygienic, but it will also prolong the longevity of your carpet.

3. Consider Deep Cleaning Your Carpet Once A Year

Unfortunately, vacuuming your carpet is simply not enough to keep it looking pristine. You will need to supplement it with a yearly deep and thorough clean.

If you own a steam cleaner, you can do the deep cleaning all by yourself, but we recommend leaving this to the carpet cleaning specialists. Not only are they backed with experience, but they also have the practical know-how that will ensure that your carpet is clean without compromising its quality and damaging it.

On top of researching the type of carpet cleaning services that meet your needs, be sure to check if the price in which you’re paying for includes both pickup and delivery. Depending on your circumstances, you may want to opt for either off-site or on-site cleaning.

4. Avoid Sun Exposure

A carpet that has been exposed to the sun for a prolonged period of time will not only undergo discolouration, but also damage to its fibres. Unfortunately, you can’t avoid it if you’re living in sunny Singapore.

Thus, make an effort to draw your blinds or curtains, especially during peak sun hours where the intensity of sunlight is at its maximum. This should also be taken into consideration when you’re drying your carpet. Instead of sunning it, opt to dry it in a shaded area with your fan turned on. You can also try and blot it with a cloth to fasten the process.

5. Installing A Dehumidifier

If you wish to lengthen your carpet’s longevity, you may want to look into installing a dehumidifier to cope with the high levels of humidity. This will allow you to maintain your carpet better and prevent any mould growth. You’re encouraged to put it up to 60%-65% humidity for best results.

These are just the fundamentals when caring and maintaining a carpet in Singapore’s climate. If you wish to go deeper and find out how you can tailor your care according to the type of carpets and the like, it’s best to speak to an expert. Don’t hesitate to call us and we’ll be more than happy to guide you through the practical know-how.

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