When Is It Time To Hire Professional Office Cleaning?

It is a top priority to keep the office clean. Having a messy and low maintained office will give employees and clients the impression that you do not have the company’s well-being in mind. Additionally, a poor working environment will affect your employees, compromising the quality of work delivered.

If you haven’t gotten around to engaging an office cleaning company yet, here are 5 signs that will point you in that direction.

1. Employees are falling sick

Notice your employees are taking sick leave frequently and at an increasing rate? This might be because of the germs and bacteria spreading around in the office. Computer keyboards and work desks are examples of a prime real estate for germs when they are not cleaned and sanitised properly. Furthermore, with the current Covid-19 outbreak, it is more crucial to ensure a safe and clean work environment.

2. Productivity is down

Productivity is linked to having a clean and safe working environment. Employees won’t be able to focus and concentrate on their work if they are constantly surrounded by dirt or trying to manage the clutter in their surroundings.

While the responsibility of keeping the office clean can be shared among employees, it is crucial for professional cleaners to take charge of that task. This allows employees to focus on their primary responsibilities, while the cleaning experts have the right training and knowledge to clean the office much more effectively.

3. Lack of cleaning supplies

You may not have the right tools and supplies to help in your office cleaning. Everyday surface cleaners and disinfectants may not work as effectively, especially when you have tough, stubborn stains. When you hire a professional, they have a range of supplies and equipment that can help them carry out their job effectively and efficiently.

4. Hesitation to invite visitors

Your workplace is an extension of your brand – it is undeniable that you would want to present a professional front with cleanliness being your priority. This presents a good image to your clients and business visitors. Keeping your office neat and hygienic can go a long way in building a solid, trustworthy reputation for others to work with your business.

5. A rising number of complaints

Most employees work and spend most days of their week in the office. As they spend a lot of time there, you’d want to ensure the working environment is conducive and optimal to maintain employee satisfaction and productivity. Unclean, dirty areas in the office, such as the bathroom and pantry, will not only cause unhappiness and plenty of complaints – it will also bring a demoralising effect on the team as well.

We provide commercial cleaning services that can ensure you a sanitary, dust-free office space to work in. Our professionals adopt sophisticated cleaning techniques and use eco-friendly materials to carry out our cleaning tasks for a healthy working environment.

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