4 Factors that Decide How Long Helium Balloons Will Float

Balloon in Singapore has become a very important decorations in parties and events. Getting the right type of balloon that will ensure the helium stays longer in it is always the big deal.

The Average time in which helium can last in a balloon is ten to twelve hours. The lifespan of helium balloon depends on so many factors. These factors determine the helium balloon delivery.

Environmental Factors

Temperature is one of the reasons affecting the floating of your helium balloon. It should be at room temperature. If the room is too hot then the balloons will overheat. If cold it will begin to drop.Dont put balloon in a hot car.

Type of Balloon

We have two types of balloons. The latex and foil balloon. The latex balloons when infused with helium they don’t last longer compared to the foil helium balloon which last longer. Foil balloons can last up to ten to twelve hours when kept in a constant temperature.

Size of Balloon

When it comes to balloon, the bigger the better. The bigger the balloon, the longer it will hold helium and the smaller the balloon the shorter hours it will take to hold.

Amount of Time in Transporting Bag

When a customer buys the helium balloon they are given the transport bags. They protect the balloon from the weather and also helps keep them in order during transportation. But they reduce the lifespan of the balloon if kept in there for too long.

The above are the main factors considered if you want to know how long your helium balloon will float. You can always get a balloon when you need one.

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