Different Types of Funeral Flowers: What Do They Symbolize?

Death is a very bad experience. When we lose our loved ones, we become broken and even fall into depression by just imagining that we can no longer see the person again.

We would always like to give them a befitting burial and ensure that the sendoff is properly done and everything is in order. During funeral preparations, one of the requirements are always flowers. They act as a symbol of our love and care. We have different types of flowers and each symbolizes different meaning. It is as explained below the type of flowers and what they sand for. You can get a cheap flower bouquet Singapore.


Roses are appropriate funeral flowers. Each color rose has a symbol. In funerals, the classic red deep rose symbolizes grief and loss and also love. The yellow roses is given by friends to show the bond. The rare dark pink roses are given to show thanks to the deceased for things they did when alive.


Lilies are normally considered the go-to funeral flowers. There is a meaning behind this strong scented flower. Lilies always symbolize that the soul of the deceased has gone back to the state of innocence. Christians normally associate this flower with purity and radiance of the soul.

Peace Lily Plant

This specific flower symbolizes rebirth and innocence of the departed soul from the world to a much better place. You can send this to people you know are grieving to their homes or offices as it lasts longer.


This normally shows that you will always love and care for the deceased even though they are no longer with you.


They are used in funeral wreaths and standing sprays. Each of the flowers used here have a meaning. White symbolizes innocence while red shows affection for the dead. You can get a wreath delivery whenever you’re ready for one in Singapore.

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