7 Benefits That Will Convince You to Use Storage Marquees

What comes to mind when you hear the term “marquee”? Outdoor weddings held in a picturesque location? Enthusiastic event-goers partying the night away? Or perhaps even a rather extravagant birthday celebration. It might come as a pleasant surprise, but, that isn’t all marquee and tent rentals are good for. If you’ve ever heard the term “storage marquee” or maybe “industrial marquee” as it is otherwise known, then you may already have some inkling as to why and how it’s easily one of the most viable temporary space solutions for industries and corporates alike.

For those who aren’t in the know, however, an industrial or storage marquee is the name used to describe what’s essentially an industrial temporary structure; something which is easily relocatable, demountable and usually used for either short- or long-term interim storage on-site, warehousing or operational space. If you’re a company in Singapore looking to find the perfect temporary storage leasing solution, here are compelling reasons why you should look no further than storage marquees!

Ideal for Flexible Storage Capacity
When companies undergo rapid growth within a short span of time, continuous expansion and constant ongoing construction may become a necessity in order to meet consumer demand. In such a scenario where the usual storage space utilised is suddenly made unavailable, the goods can be temporarily relocated and stored within a storage marquee—an option that is both affordable and incredibly convenient. This unique storage solution may also be the answer to those seeking to increase their short- or long-term storage capacities quickly. In fact, industrial marquees can come in handy for industries used to expecting seasonal spikes in demand, or sudden huge orders coming in every once in a while.

Quick and Easy Set-up
The quick and easy installation process of storage marquees ensures minimal noise and disruption to the environment, preventing any workplace distractions which could arise from sounds of ongoing construction. This is especially important if the marquee is to be erected within or near company premises since ideally, companies will want to avoid hampering employee productivity as much as possible. Not only is a storage marquee fast and effective as a solution to impromptu storage requirements, it also takes very little time to dismantle, transport and re-install at another location.

Can be Sited Nearly Anywhere
Temporary storage marquees and structures can be sited in most of the locations imaginable—be it high or low ground; indoor or outdoor. This means that whether you want to set up your marquee in a patch of accessible field, an under-utilised carpark, or beside a building as an extension—it’ll work! As long as the area is large enough, there are few limitations since any uneven surfaces can be covered up by the floor decking. This is the case even for storage marquees erected within existing outbuildings or rooftops. Granted, this may be subject to factors such as weight load, crane accessibility and tent size which usually differ on a case by case basis.

Protection from the Elements
An industrial marquee is usually a temporary structure which consists of an aluminium marquee frame with either soft or hard-sided walling in addition to a durable PVC roof. Aluminium frames do not weaken through rust. In fact, its lightweight and malleable qualities mean that it has the ability to flex under impact and against loads, creating additional strength. Since they are also built to be sturdier than traditional steel tents, storage marquees offer adequate protection from both the weather and unforeseen risk for the goods and activities within it.

Functional Features
For companies that require some degree of customisation of the storage marquees, additional features such as automated roller shutters and air conditioners are available. This makes it possible for the structure to have vehicular access doors which allow for easy entry and exit of forklifts and other delivery vehicles during the loading and unloading process of the stored goods, while also acting as a form of added security once night falls. Air-conditioners can also be outfitted within the storage marquee for frozen food products or cosmetics and flowers that require cold storage, keeping the optimum temperature of the environment constant. Of course, this also applies to businesses seeking to keep expensive machinery and equipment needed for operations from overheating.

Flexibility to Respond to Market Trends
Unlike with constructing a completely new building, temporary warehouse solutions like storage marquees take far less time, and the ease with which the structure can be resized according to the storage needed gives it an edge over any other options. Since it can be expanded or reduced modularly at its length without having to be entirely dismantled, any necessary changes can be readily accommodated. In addition, the marquee structure can also be increased vertically when additional height is needed. This gives businesses the much-needed flexibility and responsiveness to expand and contract their operational space as well as storage capacity in line with market trends and consumer demand.

No Long-Term Commitment Necessary
Since storage marquees go by rental periods, there’s no real long-term commitment necessary. This means the structure can be dismantled once it’s no longer needed, restoring the space where it once stood back to the original state. If businesses still have use for the storage marquee after the rental period agreed upon has passed, it’s simple enough to extend it for as long as needed.

In conclusion, storage marquees offer the same features as a more permanent building at a fraction of its cost—without compromise on quality, functionality or structural integrity. If you’re unsure of investing in a traditional storage building that’s likely to take up to 2 to 3 years to complete construction, consider the more flexible and short-term storage solution instead!

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